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Foreign Teachers Needed

Employer Profile:

Xi’an Jiaotong University City College (XJTUCC) is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Xi’an, ancient capital of 13 dynasties, a famous tourist city well known for the Terra Cotta Warrior and Horses as well as a leading metropolitan in west China. With the state’s approval, it was founded by Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) in May, 2004 as an independent college with full-time undergraduate programs. Supported by XJTU’s acclaimed teaching resources, management and faculty, it offers a wide range of majors to meet the ever growing demands of individuals, families, employers, and regional economy. It consists of 10 departments with 34 enrollment majors, 4 teaching sections, 16 research institutes. There are 77 lab classrooms and 87 training bases as the teaching facilities. Every year, the college keeps an enrollment of 9,414 full-time undergraduates from all parts of China.

The college offers diversified courses to enhance students’ practical skills and broaden their horizons. Some of the courses are delivered partially or totally in foreign languages. For efficient and international teaching, the college is hopefully calling for the joining of experienced foreign teachers.

Course Summary

Oral English, English or American Literature, Business English, Society and Culutre of Major Engish-speaking Countries, etc,

Primary Responsibility:

1. Conducting professional teaching

2. Developing students’ language proficiency or academic capability

3. Evaluating students language learning

4. Planning and organizing extracurricular activities

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

1. English native speaker

2. Bachelor’s degree or above

3. Good personality and team spirit

4. Teaching experience in related fields preferred

5. A TESOL certificate


12 class periods per week (45 minutes per period) and 5 working days every week.

Salary and Benefits:

The normal monthly salary is 8000 to 10000, depending on the employee’s education background and teaching experience. Employees are encouraged to give more lectures to the students, with each period of class having about 100 RMB (depending on the employee’s education background and types of courses being given). Employee’s monthly salary will be raised by 1000 RMB if he would stay for another year. During the first year of contract, the employee will be half-paid in summer and winter vocations (Feb. & Aug.). If the employee extends the contract, he will get full pay during summer and winter vocations. Two-way international airfare will be reimbursed for a full year teacher. Free campus accommodation with bathroom, furniture, air-conditioning, IPTV television and electrical appliance is provided.

Required documents:

1. Resume

2. Academic or professional certificates

3. Passport copy

4. Reference letters

5. ID photo


Foreign Affairs Office of Xi’an Jiaotong University City College

Address: No.8715, Shangji Road, Xi’an Shaanxi Province,CHINA



Phone: 029-86652040

Fax: 029-86652015